One Less Lock to Pick | written by dapatty | Gen | 00:02:47
Summary: Joan had to break into Sherlock’s house, again.
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MP3 || 2.2 MB
M4B || 2.2 MB

Legend of Korra


Carved Into Stone | written by yue_ix | Gen | 00:01:22
Summary: For podfIDIC: Seed 1.
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MP3 || 1.1 MB

In Quiet | written by exmanhater | Teen and Up | 00:37:10
Summary: Days and nights at Air Temple Island, after the poison.
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MP3 || 30 MB
M4B || 30 MB



The Pie Job | written by thingswithwings | Gen | 00:07:41
Summary: Eliot is baking pies. Alec and Parker are hoping to eat pies. [Recorded for dapatty as part of #ITPE 2014.]
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MP3 || 6.2 MB
M4B || 6.4 MB

The Not Your Teaching Tool Job | written by BlackEyedGirl | Teen and Up | 00:21:33
Summary: Parker doesn't understand why it has to be more complicated than: "I want to be with you, I just don't want to sleep with you." It's everyone else who has the problem. (Parker as a biromantic asexual.) [Recorded for dapatty as part of #ITPE 2014.]
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MP3 || 17 MB
M4B || 18 MB

The Love of Money | written by dapatty | Teen and Up | 00:05:42
Summary: Crossover with Warehouse 13.
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MP3 || 4.9 MB
M4B || 4.8 MB

Once Upon a Time


Temporary Distractions | written by amycarey | Mature | 02:38:51
Summary: It's been a month and Regina won't speak to her, until she does and Emma is left pretending to be in a relationship with her so that Regina can get through a dinner invitation with her pride intact.
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MP3 || 128 MB
M4B || 125 MB

Steven Universe


Riptide | written by Xenjn | Teen and UP | 00:36:55
Summary: This is how it was always supposed to end. And no vow given upon bended knee among ruin and fallen comrades, no embrace of fingers and whispers that lay claim to her could have ever endured.
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MP3 || 30 MB
M4B || 29 MB



Is Anyone Out There? | written by vassalady | Teen and Up | 00:09:14
Summary: Dean, kidnapped and trapped in a house with his kid brother Sam, finds an old ham radio and begs for someone, anyone, to come save them. But they are on their own. (Recorded for the Pod Together 2014 Challenge.)
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MP3 || 7.4 MB
M4B || 7.2 MB


Hallelujah | written by bestillmyshippingheart | Mature | 00:08:12
Summary: Ruby's not like other demons. She saved my life.
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MP3 || 6.7 MB
M4B || 6.5 MB

Kiss Me | written by bestillmyshippingheart | Gen | 00:03:04
Summary: AU. Anna and Ruby debate what the best type of pizza topping is.
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MP3 || 2.9 MB
M4B || 2.8 MB

Teen Wolf


D.S. al fine | written by MoreThanSlightly | Teen and Up | 00:05:45
Summary: A fix-it fic for Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 23: “Insatiable.”
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MP3 || 4.6 MB
M4B || 4.8 MB

Listen | written by MoreThanSlightly | Teen and Up | 00:09:01
Summary: Lydia learns more about her powers. A coda to "Letharia Vulpina."
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MP3 || 7.3 MB
M4B || 7.5 MB

Warehouse 13


Balance Beam | written by cjmarlowe | Mature | 00:09:20
Summary: Myka doesn't always have every step under control. [Recorded for dapatty as part of #ITPE 2014.]
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MP3 || 7.5 MB
M4B || 7.7 MB

Welcome to Night Vale


The Devil Made Me Do It | written by InitialA | Gen | 00:13:00
Summary: Cecil can't talk. Carlos has to do the show.
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MP3 || 11.3 MB
M4B || 10.7 MB

Young Avengers


if you don't like it you can lump it | written by verity | Teen and Up | 00:06:46 | MULTIVOICE
Summary: The Young Avengers' band is also called The Young Avengers, because they're very subtle. They've written three songs together: "Destroy You," "Superpowered," and "Unnatural Love," which, given the percentage of people in the band with the same equipment fucking each other, you might think was about gay liberation, but actually chronicles the time Loki read them the juicy parts of Flowers in the Attic on a trip up the coast.
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MP3 || 9.3 MB

scramble in the summer sky | written by paperclipbitch | Teen and Up | 00:17:26
Summary: Kate’s first week, when she was still pretty sure this was a terrible idea and also not one that real people actually had – seriously, in the twenty-first century, who ran away with the circus – America came up to her three days in and said without preamble: “is anyone going to come looking for you, Princess?”
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MP3 || 14 MB
M4B || 15 MB

Can't Pin Me Down | written by paperclipbitch | Teen and Up | 00:18:32
Summary: Maybe Kate needs to consider being less reckless with herself, given that her powers amount to being The One With The Archery And The Ideas That Are Slightly Less Bad Than The Other One With The Archery.
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MP3 || 15 MB
M4B || 15 MB

Everything is Awesome | written by paperclipbitch | Gen | 00:07:11
Summary: Kate bends over to look at the little painted blocks on the end of her legs. “Aww, feet,” she says.
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MP3 || 6 MB
M4B || 6 MB